H&M Releases iPhone APP That Gives You A 20% DISCOUNT!!

You should download H&M’s iPhone app, because while you’re browsing the newest goods coming in store (which you can’t do in Canada and the US normally, because they don’t have an online shop) if you shake your iPhone a 20% off discount voucher will appear.

This coupon is good for in-store use only (duh), but that’s quite a discount squeeze! I’d suggest using it on one of the leather sheath dresses they’ve got in right now, or perhaps the olive suede military cross body.

Girls and boys, DOWNLOAD!

Shoe Lovers, This Is Matt Bernson

We haven’t really explored any different high street talent in the shoe world lately, so we’re going to break the cycle with Matt Bernson.  MB has a host of excellent styles for us from entirely different style spectrums; a leather loafer (and loafers are so hot right now), a black wedge, a sweater effect bootie or even a lace-less combat boot.

These are reasonably priced kicks that are incredibly on trend, wearable and seasonal survivors.  I’m really into the Gitanes loafer right now, and I’m thinking these would look super hot on boys too!


There’s Something About This Crystal Embellished Bag I LURVE

I’m not a Prada girl, there’s no bits about it.  I like the runway designs, but when most people think of Prada, they think of the typical Prada bags – either an over the top design, or a nylon bag.

Now, this bag is over the top, but there’s something about it! Perhaps it’s the neutral coloring with the crystal embellishments, perhaps it’s the sprinkling of the crystal effect on the top.. whatever it is, I’ve broken..this purse is awesome.

Beyond the Rack regularly hosts Prada bag and accessory sales, so get an invite to BTR now and get ready for the next super sale!

The Outnet Has A Truckload Of Stuff You’re Going To Want. Now.

It happens on occasion – The Outnet releases a new crop of items that are supposedly from last season (only you addicts would know that, right?) that actually look like they’re primed and ready for this season!  It’s happened again, and it’s just in time for everyone’s fall shopping bonanzas.

I’ve set up two outfits; one for day, one for night.  Clearly you don’t have to get every item to pull off a look like this properly; just having one of these designer elements in your look combined with high street styles would pull off these styles beautifully.  If you’re looking to buy a designer piece, these are the ones to consider.

For day, we’ve got a very neutral look with fabric patterns and detailing to give the look a little something extra.  Check out the Elizabeth & James Poacher coat (65% off) for an excellent cover up, with a lovely embellished jumper like Valentino’s silk blend sweater (80% off).  Denim like Current/Elliott’s Moto leggings (65% off) that are dark wash, skinny and with a stitching detail are so perfect and go with absolutely anything.  Finish off with a pair of loose boots like Phillip Lim’s Orchid boots (65% off), and you’ve got a look that is so ready to shine.

When you’re going out and have a blangin’ pair of leggings like Anna Molinari’s sequin pair (80% off), you best show them off with a more dialled down supporting look.  Smythe’s boyfriend blazer (45% off) and Elizabeth & James’ asymmetrical wool blend dress (55% off) are excellent choices due to their cuts and draping effect.  Get on a pair of Guiseppe Zanotti multi-zip booties (50% off) and you have such a powerful look that isn’t overpowering.


Move Over Eugenia Kim.. Anthony Peto’s Hats Are H-O-T

Anthony Peto is one hot milliner, and there is no better way to celebrate the return of cooler temperatures than to don a felt hat on one’s head.  The Rocky trilby, Safari fedora and leopard bowler are prime for FW10, and though all are $210, they can be excellent reference points for the discerning highstreet shopper.

Keep your eyes open for heavier hats on the market made of felts and furs right now, before the cold sets in – that goes for both boys and girls.

Proenza Shouler Sunglasses $79-94 @ Ideeli

Proenza Shouler sunnies are not only incredibly modern but even a shade futuristic – all of which are on sale at Ideeli right now.

These are frames that are hot for the coming season; no past shape for cut price nonsense here.  demiCouture favorites include the Oversize Round in black pearl and tortoiseshell ($85 from $295), black Cat Eye ($79 from $310) and the tortoise Rectangle ($79 from $295).

Grab an invite to Ideeli if you need one!

3 Perfect Fall Parkas

Parkas are a must have for most of the world, unless your adobe is located within the hotter longitudes of the world (lucky buggers!)  If you’re like me, you’re going to need a coat for pre-fall, fall, pre-winter and dead winter, so a solid parka is an absolute must.

Even if you’ve still got a few months of temperate weather and warm rains, it’s best to have a light parka you can pack away and burst out at a moment’s notice.  For this, Edun’s patchwork fatigue and Topshop’s tonal panel parka are perfect fits.  They both play off that patchwork vibe, while holding to FW10’s color palette and being rain ready.

The Topshop fur collar parka is a different beast altogether – the cotton shell is waxed for wear in soggy situations, and fur lining makes for excellent chill offense.  It’s not real fur though; not for that price, though faux fur is the happening textile of the season.  Pretty, pretty!