STYLING: New Dr Martens Brogue Style 7 Eye Boots

Dr Martens were a barrel of peaches and sent me a pair of boots to get down with; a pair of Bentleys to be specific.

These are basically your long term beetle stomping dream – thick soles, leather that looks best  after it’s been walked about 12 dozen miles, and some really great stitching detail.  I love the contrasting wine colored sole, which is, of course the traditional Dr Marten stitch quality.

If you’re looking for additional Doc suggestions, I’d point you towards Tadita, Spike (in silver, for summer) and Flora Chelsea (for when occasions require some dressing up).

Oh, and if you’re curious about the rest of the getup, it involves some really old H&M jeans with a giant hole under my bum that you can’t see, the magic A.L.C. Margaux jacket, Zara tiger print button up and a vintage tee.

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