TREND: Bullet Necklaces

Since I’m all about my Charles & Grace crystal bullet necklace, I figured I’d spotlight my faves from across le web.  You don’t have to go hippie chic with the crystals, but there are plenty of options.

We’ve got more utilitarian looks like Swell’s, or something a little more refined like Jennifer Fisher’s and CC Skye’s.  There’s also the glam hybrid of Nick Von K’s jade tipped piece, if you’re feeling like you need a bit more oompf to your neck.

For the super intense gals (or guys, I ain’t discriminatin’), there’s the multi bullet awesomeness of Charles Albert’s Alchemia necklace.  It’s a short chain for a near choker look, and would definitely jazz up the most minimalistic of outfits.

bullet necklace trend 2013 trend charles albert cc skye charles and grace jennifer fisher