In Lurve With My New GOORIN BROS Fedora, With Extra Feather Intensity

I’ve always been on about the hats, and I [finally] had the opportunity to get into Vancouver’s Goorin Bros hat shop in Yaletown, and get a new cover on my dome.  I’d been in before for their gin and tunes evenings (that’s every Thursday evening, interested parties), but had not realized what delicious hat bounty was waiting for me.

The first photo is what happened to my eyes when I saw this bea-yoo-tiful olive wool fedora.  It was love at first hat – I basically stopped looking around the store after I got my mitts on this one.

The thing I love about Goorin is that their hats fit my giant head size.  I can never fit into any ‘one size’ women’s cuts, but Goorin actually has sizing variations, so my crown actually has a cover that won’t cut off circulation.   My baby is the Jameson from their heritage range, is handmade and retails for $150 CA/$125 US.

As I was leaving, Shani, my hat magician, offered me a pro tip for hat storage: always keep your hat upside down, since that is the firmest part of the hat.  If you store a hat face down (like you wear it), the brim can loose some of it’s shape.

goorin bros review fedora feather fashion blog victoria potter demicouture 2goorin bros review fedora feather fashion blog victoria potter demicouture

  • Cheree Guitar

    Love the hat! Especially with the feathers! A-DOR-A-BLE!