Jewellery, For The Discerning Summer Goth

Jewellery tends to get lighter as the months get warmer, but that doesn’t mean you have to get any less supergoth.  Since the hipsters still love the appropriation of my former style’s icons, it’s all still going strong, but hey, I actually like wearing crosses, chains and spikes with or without pop culture’s nod (I did it during my Very Ugly Goth Phase in high school).

We’ve got Jesusgoth fans ready with Topshop’s neon geo cross and long drop earrings,  Pull & Bear’s stone cross and Duffy’s signet ring.    For the spike and dagger fans, there’s the beautiful Pamela Love rosary and Windsor’s spike bib necklace.   The last two goodies are the two skull rings – Meadowlark’s stacker ring, and Me & Ro’s sugar skull with black diamond eyes.


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