This Is Why You Thrift In The Suburbs

Thrifting is not always a Mackelmore wet dream, but when things turn lucky, you really hit a home run.  As I’ve become a suburban recluse in order to save funds for overseas adventuring, I’m now able to attack the local thrift shops with fury (that means I put on bad hip hop, blast sound through my Urbanears Zinkens and generally look like I’m picking ingredients with spindly fingers for visual potions).

Tonight at the Abbotsford Value Village, I scored big time.  I decided to hold back ever so slightly and only walk away with three items, but they were a hell of a win.  First was an amazing floral print knit sweater, 5 bucks.  Second find was another sweater, by Kensie, also 5 dolla.  The last was the best of all: a perfectly fitting dark grey suede parka from Danier Leather for $20.  It didn’t even smell like moths.. how about that!

Yes, my low key Saturday night wins.