TRENDING: Nail Jewelery

Nail accessories have been bursting through the trend boards of life for a wee while now, and I love how you can go from simplistic bangles to rings with knotted or spiralling details.  Guinevere and Modcloth’s simple knot rings  are pretty standard; you can find those across the internat at various venues.  If you’re an extreme spender (and I mean extreme), David Webb’s super spiral nail will rack up the Visa over halfway to 13 grand.

For a more simplistic approach, check out Bambi and CC Skye’s designs –  they would even look super rad stacked up beside each other (I know you’re all disappointed I didn’t make a nail funny, but I’m tired).


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  • kristine

    its actually disgusting that the one ring is almost 13,000 bucks. the nails probably cost less than a dollar! but the other ideas are really neat!

    kristine xx

  • Victoria Potter

    @Kristine: Well the designer would have designed a die cast to create that, not use an actual nail..