Let’s Get Our GAME OF THRONES Inspired Jewellery On

Fandom is a funny thing; people wear the most ludicrous items in the name of supporting their favorite film or tv show (kind of like sports.. hrmmm), and end up looking like fools.  The best support is a subtle one, where you don’t look like an idiot.  In comes my selection of Game of Thrones Season 3 support jewellery (hah!), and there are many different ways to mark your allegiance.

Fan of House Stark? Grab Ugo Cacciatori’s wolf head ring.  More of a Baratheon fan? We’ve got a lovely silver deer antler necklace.  Lion at heart? Ela Stone’s lion cuff is just the thing.  For those with wavering loyalties (calling all Littlefinger fans), sword images are just the ticket – try Pyrrha’s Dagger Talisman necklace, or Wendy Brandes’ Matilda sword necklace if you’ve deep pockets and have a penchant for impeccable details.

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  • http://www.lloydandwolf.com Lloyd and Wolf

    I am loving the outdoors/wilderness look. Big fan of the antler necklace!

    For the home, I also am loving the Stag Decanter from Pottery Barn.