Loving Geek Chic Rings (Including A Hashtag One!) By WENDY BRANDES

Getting your online dork on IRL is definitely a thang, and I was delighted to be reminded last night of Wendy Brandes’ geek chic ring collection while I was perusing the internets.  The at sign ring, asterisk ring (including mid finger version), exclamation point ring I had seen before, though it seems the earring version of the hashtag and at sign are newer than the last time I had bummed around Brades’ online shop.

My personal favorite is, of course, the emoticon two ring set.  As one who is definitely guilty of using this one, I feel it’s just too necessary to own.  All of the rings below are made from Sterling silver, and made in New York City (that means you can avoid import fees due to NAFTA, Canadians!)


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