Would You Ever Buy A Pair Of Completely Nutty Heels?

A pair of pumps with a red lipstick tube as a heel, or perhaps a pair of shoes that mirror the Chiquita banana woman? Over the last year we’ve seen Alexander McQueen’s armadillos, a Chanel gun heel and even a heel-less design- intense designs to be sure.

The thing is, aside from Lady Gaga and Daphne Guinness, do these designers actually sell any of these heels, and if they do, are they actually worn or put under glass?

Some of the latter examples are far less traditionally shaped than their former examples, so the question is this: would you ever buy a pair of lipstick heeled Alberto Guardianis? At $357, they’re some of the cheaper options in the world of loony footwear.

So would you, or would you be afraid to take a step in something that looks like it belongs in your evening bag?

  • veronica

    I wouuld defintly wear the lipstick one! Amazing! Rock & Sexy!

  • origami

    Eh, I find them kind of…awful. The lipstick heels look terribly uncomfortable. But as an object of design they’re kind of neat.