SENSO, The Newest Player In The Fashion Tweet Game

Twitter is the ultimate playground for instant fashion-y updates, so if you’re not a Twatter what are you waiting for? demiCouture is on Twitter, but besides that you’ve got a truckload of international brands and boutiques waiting to give away the newest of their news.

The newest favorites is SENSO – a recent favorite Aussie export, and purveyor of funky footwear from the land down under.

  • Chesca

    Wasn’t much of a fan of the Tiffany but now kinda really digging it.

    Not sure if I want the pink Wilma anymore. I was browsing through the Senso Facebook pictures “Press Latest…” photo album – and they had the Tiffany shoe, sans buckles with leopard print. I guess it was out spring 2010 since the picture was uploaded on May 20. Anyway, really wish I could’ve snagged those especially if they came in pink! Hope they bring them back…