Kristen Vangsness (Garcia) of Criminal Minds Loves Kirk Originals Eyewear!

In one of the most recent Criminal Minds episodes, I noticed that Kristen Vangsness, who plays Garcia, is sporting a neon rad pair of Kirk Originals eyeglasses.

I can’t be positively certain, but the frames Kristen is wearing appear to be the Seb shape, in turquoise and yellow.  I tried these on myself when designer Jason Kirk was visiting Gastown’s Bruce Eyewear a few months back, and they are positively intense!

These Kirk Originals come in a variety of colors (I’ve got the purple Dusty frames coming to me soon), so check out the whole collection of Sculptures – guaranteed you’ll find a pair you love.

  • Nini

    Girl, I die for Criminal Minds!!!!

  • Jennifer

    Thank you for posting this!!! I have been looking for the glasses from that episode since I saw Kristen wearing them!! ;-)

  • Jennifer

    Was just looking at the Kirk website, and I think the ones that Garcia wore on the show were the Martha frames. The shape and color fits perfectly with the glasses in the pic. I had also captured that same onscreen photo last week so I could look for the glasses. Been looking eveywhere! Hope you get your Dusty frames soon! They look really cool!

  • Victoria Potter

    @Jennifer: it’s possible, but really hard to say. I’ll stand by my guess that those were the shape, but hey, they could have been a slight variation. Whatevvvvvs.

  • Karen

    Hi! Kirk Originals is so amazing. I’m an Optician at Sight For Sore Eyes in White Rock, BC and when Jason Kirk came into our store with the collection back in May, one of our customers nabbed the Martha in SP11-P114 (turqoise) just like Garcia wore in this episode!

    Actually in last nights episode of Criminal Minds I saw (and love) the fact that she wore these glasses again (since she doesn’t tend to repeat too often) and then she sported ANOTHER Kirk frame… I believe it was the Dione which is from their Saturn Collection featuring sparkly lucite materials. She was wearing a darker shade couldn’t tell if it was the grey, brown or green but they looked amazing!

    It might seem slightly sad that I get excited to see celebs sporting some of the cool and unique lines that we carry in the store, but I think that just means I’m passionate about what I do! :D

  • Victoria Potter

    @Karen: I was at Bruce Eyewear in Gastown and met Jason Kirk in May, too! I LOVE their range, and am having the purples sent to me.. I can’t wait. It’s not sad to get that hyped; I almost shat myself when I saw that ep of Criminal Minds, myself (!)

  • Lire De Sales

    Fabulous ! Really amazing !

  • Lire De Sales

    @ Lire – I love them – awesome !

  • origami dreamer

    Thanks for posting about her glasses. I love Criminal Minds and I love Garcia’s style. Plus, I’m a big fan of changing up the specs in order to change up my look. You’re awesome! :D

  • Reynard

    That shape is actually the Tarik shape. I am completely obsessed with Kirk Originals and I know them when I see them. They popped up in the beggining of the following episode in a closeup and they definitley were. I am getting the Loi’s in that color soon. Fantastic. And yes, I too about shat myself when I saw them!

  • Reynard

    Okay guys my mistake! I had never seen the Martha shape before. That is it!

  • teresa

    who makes the light pink cateye (wing tip) glasses garcia wears? i love those!! cant find. help .

  • Patty

    Yes, I too love the light pink cat eye glasses Garcia wears. Who is the designer?

  • Susan

    Where can I get these glasses? No store near me – arfe they available on line?

  • Elaine

    I too love the light pink cat eye glasses Garcia wears. Who is the designer @ where can I buy them?

  • Ellen

    I would like to order a pair of Kirk sunglasses to Ottawa Canada but I am not able to find a site to order from.

    Can you help please?

  • scarlet

    I bet Albert Opticians in Ottawa could get em if he doesn’t already have. Been there before and have definitely seen some Kirks in his store!

  • Bonnie

    Are these frames available to purchase online? I live in FL. Love these turquoise and yellow frames. Perfect for here.

  • Victoria Potter

    @Bonnie: better check their website, though that style has been around for a while and may be sold out