Urban Outfitters Calls A Grey Top ‘Obama Black’

Their ‘poverty sucks’ t-shirt was one thing, and the company supports anti-equality Republicans, but whom would have thought they would be so brazenly offensive!

As you can see, Urban Outfitters has classified their BDG Burnout Henley tee as being “Obama/black”. Not only is this terribly offensive, but this fugging shirt is grey! When double checking to see what political figure they associated with the white shirt, it’s labeled as ‘white/charcoal'; a wee bit more appropriate for a top.

SO! Today we’ve learned today that Urban Outfitters are pretty much massive dicks.



UO has taken down the item, with no explanation as to why it was allowed to get past editors in the first place.  At least the star rating was true; 1 out of 4.

  • http://angelonfire.tumblr.com angelonfire

    offensive! are they stupid?

  • http://demicouture.ca Victoria Potter

    @Angelonfire: this makes one wonder…

  • Wake Up

    Check your monitor saturation, the shirt is a blend of purple and black – google Obama purple and you’ll clearly see that “purple is Obama’s new team color.”

    Quit playing the race card, its old and worn out.

  • http://demicouture.ca Victoria Potter

    Wake up: My monitor saturation is fine, thank you. If that’s truly the case, then UO should have thought twice on the appearance of their selection since it does not appear to be purple.

  • Aro

    Then wouldn’t it say Obama/Purple?

  • adenn

    that shirt isn’t “purple” sweetheart. We’ll stop playing the race card once things like this end. Open your eyes and grow up

  • jenn

    though i dont know if its offensive, it could be considered in poor taste.

  • Charmie

    Oh, I feel so dirty now! Like my closet is… tainted with dirty Republican love.

    I never knew that about UO! Thanks for enlightening me.

  • http://demicouture.ca Victoria Potter

    @Charmie: knowledge is power!

  • Chloe

    this is so racism.
    Urban Outfitters…never expected this from you!

  • http://twitter.com/ChescaSantos Chess

    Ugh… does Urban have an explanation for this?

    Next time I’m in there I’ll mess up their neatly folded racks.
    That’s right, take that UO.