Balmain SS10: Apocalypse WOW

Like Balenciaga before it, Balmain has truly been hitting the fashion G-spot in its last handful of collections and become the must have crowd pleaser.

Since Luisa via Roma has their SS10 Balmain pieces on pre-sale, we now have a detailed image collection with multiple angle shots that was previously unavailable.  The newest batch of B is just as incredible as its predecessor collection, and just as elite.

To put things into perspective, the shredded crocodile tail coat runs at just under $56,000 CA, or the price of a luxury vehicle.  The rest of the range is friendly to the elite; get used to a likely unappreciative crop of pop tarts and affluent label biters to be the only ones able to afford [or borrow] these pieces of wonder.

The good news is these pieces are able to be duplicated for those with a DIY edge.  Rips and tears does not require much skill other than spotting proper placement, and epaulettes can be created within a few hours and sewn onto existing military jackets in your collection.  This is pretty much wardrobe bedazzlement 101; get a group of friends together and make a party of it – just ensure you aren’t duplicating each other’s creations. 

Balmain SS10: Apocalypse WOW

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    Your post just gave me a hot idea for NYE!