Alexander McQueen And His Ornate Clutch

Alexander McQueen And His Ornate ClutchIn the vast league of accessories, Alexander McQueen rules the roost.

In a new standard of gothic luxury, this clutch reigns supreme not only because of the incredible detailing but because he has managed to create such an incredible piece from a very standard solid clutch shape.

If you’re into color, there is also a gold and red version.  Before you get too enamored, both are a gut retching $2,735.

  • Parveen Kaler

    I like Alexander McQueen but skulls are auto-fail.

  • Victoria Potter

    @Parveen: He does skulls so well! Cheap imitations are an auto fail, but this somehow makes the macabre look classy. I’ll always love a skull adorned mcQueen piece.