Negative Experiences With Aldo And Their Random Boot Sizing

I don’t buy footwear new that often, and when I do I am certain that the pair I’m about to buy are the absolute pair I want to end up with. This is quite a mental process, and I ended up deciding to throw down $180 for Aldo’s Cassetty boots.

They are over the knee, flat, and have a delightful wee tassel on the zipper pull – I was in boot love.

After two unsuccessful visits to downtown Aldo locations (Robson and Pacific Center), I was told that they had a size 10 Cassetty at the Granville location.

I ran [and dragged my poor friends with me] to the location, and was presented with the boots which were glorious, but surprisingly snug. I was assured that this was a temporary fit and likely due to me running around all day. I was advised to wear some very thin socks for the first little while as the leather stretched, and decided to purchase the boots.

At my friend’s apartment, I put them on for an extended test walk and I was startled to realize just how compact they actually were. After a friend of mine who purchased the same boots shared that she measured the foot bed and it was indeed a whole size smaller than stated on the boot, it all made sense.

I checked Aldo’s website to see if there was a warning of sizing running small – nothing was there.

I also double checked an international shoe size conversion chart, and confirmed that a European size 41 is a 10. The Cassetty boots have a labeled size of 40, yet they were being sold as a 10, not a 9.

I have to wonder what the hell Aldo was thinking when they decided to market their North American boots a size under what they actually are. This is completely false advertising, and the company does not appear to let their employees know that their sizing is not typical.

This was a completely negative customer experience for me with Aldo, and I am left completely disappointed since there is no size up in these boots.

Two other ladies have experienced the same problem (@meganfm and @Doozywhoop), and I’m sure we’re not the only ones.

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  • kristin

    You’re definitely not the only ones. My shoe size is a 9.5 or 10, depending on the size, and I take an 11 there, on the rare occasion they actually have that size.

  • Victoria Potter

    @kristin: This is completely unacceptable. What is wrong with Aldo?!

  • Lauren

    I also think they’ve been getting really pushy with selling extra in-soles and boot spray over the past 2 years. They also sell heels with no grip on the sole, then sell you a set of stick-on grips, but once applied you can’t return the shoe. Total fail.

  • Victoria Potter

    @Lauren: yeah, that was a bit much for sure. It’s one thing to casually suggest, but to throw the product in your face and interrogate you on it is simply rude and adds stress to the retail experience.

  • Tales From a Bar Stool

    I’m the biggest anti Aldo shopper ever. Their size 11’s (my size) are more like a really small 10. What’s the deal?

  • Meghan

    I wear a 7 um, everywhere but Aldo. Their 37 is far too small and the 38 fits me like a size 9, so I find that not only are labelled incorrectly, there is also a fairly significant gap between the sizes.

  • Rachele Kehler

    I wear an 8.5 and I always find their shoes to fit so weird. I often buy a size 10…which anywhere else would be huge. I don’t know why they do it and if they are making their sizes smaller then they should ALWAYS go up to an 11 in every style- especially a boot!
    p.s I hope you returned your boots…If they aren’t comfy you’ll never wear them.

  • Victoria Potter

    @Rachele: Oh, I’m returning them today. I continue to shake my head at all these similar stories – it’s so disappointing to get the runaround by a Canadian company.

  • Vanessa

    I also always have this problem. I usually wear a size 9 but at Aldo I have to wear a size 10 and always have the hardest time finding that size. It’s even worse for boots, even a size 10 I have to struggle to get on.
    I find most of the time the sales staff don’t even want to help me out by looking to see if another store has it because they want the commission instead.

  • julissa

    true i usually wear a size 7 to 7.5 in regular shoes but wear 8-8.5 in aldo sizes

  • thebeautyfile

    this is such sad news, I just got so excited to purchase these boots and I wear a size 10…so bizarre!

  • kathryn

    I have the same problem too, I am a 10 which IS a 41 but when I used to go to ALDO and say “can i try on a size 10″ they would always be a little too tight and I thought, “well this is a 10 and I take a 10 so it has to work, Right?” So, I’d buy it thinking like everyone else they’d stretch out and they never would and I’d have blisters and end up having to give the shoes to a friend because I couldn’t return them.

    Once I figured out I needed to ask for a 41 I was DELIGHTED to discover that ALDO only sends stores 1 or 2 pairs of 41 in any given style. Yes, my friends and I are rather tall, so therefor my statement that most of my friends wear a 9+ is bias, but women who wear a size 10 are way more common than 2 people for every ALDO store.

    So, naturally while I was on the hunt for the Cassetty boot in NYC I knew I’d have to get the boots ASAP or they would be gone. And sure enough they were gone and when I explained my frustration about the fact that ALDO only carries a few size 41s to an understanding and knowledgeable (about European shoe sizes) ALDO salesmen, his coworker interrupts the conversation and says, “if you’re a 10 then you wear a 40″, and i said no in European sizes a 10 is a 41 and hes goes, “no, a 10 is a 40 maybe you just have bigger feet than you’d like to admit.”

    ugh. they really need to change their size chart or tell their staff that they are pulling these sizes out of thin air. I worked in retail for 7 years, so I never like fighting with sales people. I’m just glad that at least one of those sales people knew that ALDO sizing wasn’t right.

  • Crystal

    It isn’t Aldo’s sizing. Aldo uses European sizing and there sizing is a bit off. If you buy any shoes in the European size for me I always have to purchase a size up. I usually wear a 9 but I always buy a 40 no matter what store I’m purchasing my shoe from. It’s not just Aldo regarding shoe size it’s just how the European shoe sizing system works.

  • Victoria Potter

    @Crystal: No, that isn’t correct. 41 is a size 10, not a 40. Aldo regards their size 40s as 10s and 41s as 11s, which is completely off.

    If you look at any European size chart, you’ll see that this is correct.

  • cydni

    OMG!! I’m so glad sum1 feels my agony. I went to Aldo yester trying find a sale on some over-the-knee boots. To my surprise just about evry boot in the store was on sale (30% off) exceot for the infamous cassetty. The lady tried to sell me on how comfortable the boot was and it would last years if I used the spray everyday. Everyday tho?! It’s crazy how just about all of u wear a size 10 and as u all did I tried it on. SUPERTIGHT!! yeah, i was assured that the boot would stretch. So I bought them. $190..WTF was I thinking. A guy who saw me in buying action told me once I got out the store “Girl they tag-teamed yo’ azz” and to take them back. I reallllly wanted then but took them back and got my student loan payment back…Sarah the sales associate at the easton location should be ashamed of herself selling me product she knew my toes were cramping in…lol :-)

  • J

    I have had good experiences with Aldo, I wear a size 8; Aldo size 39 fits true to size. The Aldo sales associates always refer me to a 39, at least in Chicago and Los Angeles locations. Some shoes are cut differently and therefore fit differently.

  • Danielle

    I wear a US 8.5 and could barely get my foot in the 39… I asked for a size up and they said, “Sorry, we don’t stock them that big.” Pretty humiliating for somebody who’s 5’3”

  • Griffin

    I’m sorry, but I’m soooo glad I’m not the only one! I thought it was me! lol. I purchsed the Fawson pumps last fall. I normally wear an 8.5, but had to get a 9 because Aldo doesn’t have half sizes. I ordered them from online…and the felt snug, like an 8 – maybe even a 7.5. I too was told the leather would stretch. They did a LITTLE, but I can’t wear them for any extended period of time without my toes getting numb…They’re sexy though, so that doesn’t keep me from wearing the hell out of them. HEHEHE

  • sujata

    I just bought a pair of Aldos in size 8 and I cannot fit into them and apparently its a size 38, even though every where else an 8 is a 39-40 at least! a
    and now I amstuck with 2 pairs of beautiful shoes tt i cannot wear!

  • tbaby

    i agree. aldo shoe sizes european conversion is completely off. The sales lady had the nerve to argue with me about this! I should know as Ive been buying shoes half my life for my own size. Also I drove all the way across town for this “11” which turned out to be a 41 which in euro conversion is a 10!

  • Hilly

    I had a long email fight with a customer service rep over this very thing! I thought I was the only one! I sent them chart after chart that proved their “size conversion chart” wrong – I wear a size 11, and ordered a pair of shoes in an “11” from their website – when they came in the mail I couldn’t fit my feet into them at all! I checked the charts and realized they sent me a size 9.5! I can’t tell you how much this pissed me off.