Lady GaGa Designs New, Rad Heartbeats Earphones

Lady GaGa Designs New, Rad EarphonesLady GaGa is expanding her empire to the electronics realm – specifically in the market of inner earphones.

She has lent her design savvy to Dr. Dre’s Beats by Dr. Dre line in trinity form and created the Heartbeats inner ear headphone range.

The triangle;  which I almost called a triforce – signifies her personal Holy Trinity – writing , love and fashion.

These earphones are pretty damn sleek, and for $100 you get a 3 year warranty, travel case, multiple ear tips for fittings, flat tangle free cables and a monster cable for the most accurate sound.

They come in silver, red and white and I’m getting a pair as soon as they come out since my current pair has already flaked on me, of course.

  • Steve Kain

    I have a pair of these earphones. I bought them about 2 weeks ago and im really loving them. Who would’ve thought that Lady Gaga would come out with a good pair of quality earphones. I suggest that all fans by these for the reason that they are good quality and quite comfortable as well. This is where i got them – Earphones