Buying Fake Designer Goods Makes You Look Like An Idiot

I can’t count how many times I’ve seen some random toting fake Louis Vuitton, Burberry or other luxury brand bags.

Trust me on this: you look like an idiot.

Luxury brands signify a luxurious lifestyle. If you’re hauling around a Christian Dior lookalike while wearing a scruffy outfit that does not match the level of the bag, you’re not accomplishing anything.

The thing is, you’re paying these people good money to look a fool.  Anyone you would be attempting to impress will see right through the cheaply manufactured façade, so why even bother?

Either way, it’s always wrong to support a black market; so next time you’re on vacation (or anywhere else for that matter), tell those replica hawkers you’ll take a pass.

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Buying Fake Designer Goods Makes You Look Like An Idiot


  • Ronson

    paying $1500 + for a purse makes you look like a bigger idiot. Especially since all the things you tell us to look for are stitching details, interior pockets, etc… I happen to agree with you, though, that faking luxury is foolish, but if they’re so easy to spot, why do we all need so many “how to spot a fake” guidelines??

  • Victoria Potter

    Let’s face it, people aren’t that smart.

  • Nicole

    Wearing a fake purse is gross, really you look retarted. If you can’t afford the real thing then your better off buying something that you can afford like a guess purse or something. People make me sick. SICK! I would never be caught dead with a fake purse. Also, 1500 isnt that bad for a purse, I think its rather resonable, especially for a Louis Vuitton.

  • Jefferson Faudan

    Well well well… a lot of people try to make themselves look incredibly idiotic in a lot of ways than one… and I agree to that comment above… if you can’t afford one, why settle with a fake item… it doesn’t make you less of a human being to be wearing dignified real but cheaper ones… fashion is not about faking it, it’s about style, color coordination and poise…

    Darn! I remember a girl walking by the mall with a gucci monogram shoes, fendi monogram skirt and a louis vuitton monogram bag… DISASTER! It’s the real thing though…but it spelled disaster right at the very moment she stepped out of the car… Really! All those monograms on you don’t spell “style… even designers themselves don’t do that in their runway shows…common sense before bragging…LOLS!

  • jghj

    dont act spoiled just because you can afford that stuff… i can but sometimes people want to look like they have more than they really do and thats not a problem as long as u buy the good stuff… i kindof agree with the two above, dont look fake.

  • Jennifer

    people. MAKE sure u learn how to tell fake from real before u even try to shop for fake things.
    THEN u can fool em all.
    by the way, the funniest shit i ever saw was a whole ENTIRE store of fake abracombie and fitch.

  • Jennifer

    what i meant was if u know how to shop for fake things, only u will know that ur bag u draggin round w/ u is fake, n it should be ur own lil secret.

  • Gina

    I think whatever and whenever someone wants to buy a fake bag or real bag- is their business!! No one needs you to tell them if they look silly or not. Obviously you have to much time on your hand to even go through all the trouble to put this little information together. Get a life and worry about how you look!

  • Victoria Potter

    @Gina: Oh, it was no trouble. Am I to assume you think Harper’s Bazaar and every country’s border patrol also have too much time on their hands because they take issue with fakes?

  • Kiran

    I agree with the article 100%. Your designer bag is sort of like a status symbol, and what does a fake bag do for your status? NOTHING (but lower it, of course). So, why search the internet for sites that sell fake bags instead of saving your $ and being proud of the purchase you made when you get the REAL DEAL? I don’t understand the mind of some people. xP

  • Brooke

    lol wow..ok well I just buy bags that look good, you know cute CHEAP ones from target or pacsun. Yeah if someone ever offered me a fake louis vuitton bag id use it. Not a big deal. Im not trying to impress anyone, and if anyone is gonna say “eww she has a fake louis vuitton bag” then good for them! lol I think its funny that its such a huge deal. $1500 for a purse? Thats ridiculous. I work hard for my money and im not gonna spend it all on an item that really doesn’t mean anything in the long run. P.S. the $20 bag I have right now is cuter than any of the Louis Vuitton bags I have seen :D peace to the out!

  • Brooke

    BAHAH my $20 purse from target is cuter than any louis vuitton bag i’ve ever seen IMO! $1500? Thats ridiculous. Im glad im not a spoiled little rich girl whos main concern in life is to figure out who has a fake bag or not :)

  • hahaha

    Ha Ha Ha …The person who pays $3500 for a clutch or handbag is the idiot !!!!

  • Dana

    Well all you people here are snobby i would carry a fake if i couldnt afford the real thing u guys are just stupid snobby retards really i rather go to target and get a purse glue on a lv and say it’s real instead of buying the purse for $1,000 that’s a rip off!

  • Joey

    Joey asks : “To get that real handbag, how many orgasms did you fake?”

  • Audry

    fake or not.. who actually cares… little rich bitches can carry around a real one and people who arnt so wealthy can carry a fake.. point is WHO CARES??? and the only reason I state ” little rich bitches” is because you’re all coming on this site like your shit don’t stink. While you’re most likely sitting at home with you 60$ damier azur replica… lol… just get over yourself. It’s about what pleases each individual, fake or not.. so get a life haters :)

  • Audry

    and “Joey” you’re fucking hillarious.. you know what’s up ;)