6 Alternatives to Sandals

6 Alternatives to Sandals

By demiCouture

Not a fan of having your toes on display? Neglected your pedicure? Here are some alternatives to sandals that show you're embracing summer weather without showing off your hobbit feet.

  • Espadrilles

    By demiCouture

    Patterns, lace-up, every colour imaginable. Espardrilles are the perfect beach shoe with a breathable fabric and slipper-like sole. Comfy!

  • D'Orsay Flats

    By demiCouture

    A popular shoe right now, the D'Orsay style flat provides ample foot coverage, but also supplies a nice cross breeze. Look for summery colour combos, woven version, or metallics.

  • Moccasins

    By demiCouture

    Summer is the perfect time for slipper-like shoes. Try a pair of moccasins for a comfortable look that is equally as casual as it is polished. Leather or suede options give you some choice.

  • Boat Shoes

    By demiCouture

    Definitely a preppy look, boat shoes scream "I've been out on the water, "which is quite summery thing to broadcast. Give them a try in a nautical stripe or floral print for some extra summer cred.

  • Canvas Sneakers

    By demiCouture

    Canvas sneakers are definitely on-trend. I'm sure you've seen the white Converse take-over, but it's for good reason. These shoes are good for walking, breathable, and can be thrown in the wash.

  • Huarache Flats

    By demiCouture

    This sandal-adjacent footwear keeps your feet cool but provides some more coverage. They're also great with everything from pants to dresses and come in a variety of colours—even multi-colour!

5 Awesome Summer Blazers

5 Awesome Summer Blazers

By demiCouture

For most, summertime means short sleeves. But on those chilly nights, try one of these summery blazers to pull your look together (and stay warm!)

  • Zara Short Blazer

    By demiCouture

    This little blazer packs a punch with a great orange-y red hue. Pop this on with a pair of boyfriend jeans or your favourite all-black ensemble.

  • H&M Patterned Kimono

    By demiCouture

    I know this isn't exactly a blazer, but the kimono is a close cousin with a more drapey silhouette. It's also a summer-staple for everything from beach days to festivals.

  • F21 Garden Party Blazer

    By demiCouture

    Jazz up a basic black blazer with a summer-y floral print. The colour scheme on this one is great to transition between seasons too.

  • Gap Knit Blazer

    By demiCouture

    Classic grey with a hint of neon. This is the perfect work to play blazer with it's slouch sweater feeling, but structured, polished look.

  • Club Monaco Lavine Embroidered Bomber

    By demiCouture

    A little bit of a different style, this embroidered bomber is perfect to pair with a pair of athletic sneakers for Sporty Spice look. Throw it on with a dress for something a bit more feminine.

6 Must-Visit Consignment Stores in Vancouver

6 Must-Visit Consignment Stores in Vancouver

By demiCouture

Looking for a good deal on great pieces? Have a heap of clothes looking for a good home? Check out one of the following consignment stores for unique finds and a chance to make a few extra dollars!

  • Shine

    By demiCouture

    Great prices for unique items and an even better consignment program. Make an appointment and try your luck!

  • My Sister's Closet

    By demiCouture

    With proceeds going to a good cause, this is a great place to pick up (or drop-off) some great consignment finds.

  • Turnabout

    By demiCouture

    With locations in Kitsilano, South Granville, and South Surrey, this consignment shop always has a great selection of pieces and definitely has a focus on trends.

  • Bon Retour

    By demiCouture

    Upscale consignment in Steveston, this shop is worth the trip. Actually, a short drive to the suburbs can often return some great finds! Try thrift & consignment stores in the Fraser valley too.

  • Mine & Yours Co.

    By demiCouture

    Unlike most second hand stores, Mine & Yours pays cash on the spot for good condition designer clothing, shoes and handbags. Check out their blog for inspiration!

  • Front & Company

    By demiCouture

    With new and used items, you'll be tempted to spend your consignment dollars on their fabulous selection of gifts, clothes, accessories and more. Their window displays are also amazing!

CONTEST: Win $100 & $50 Gift Cards For EAST DANE / SHOPBOP

east dane contest win gift cards

It’s that time again! Leave a comment telling why you want one of the three East Dane gift cards, and you may be the lucky winner of one of the gift cards!

East Dane is North America’s premiere menswear shop, offering a delightfully curated collection of men’s clothing, accessories, shoes and home items.

Drawing is on Friday, June 27th 2014.  Comments will be closed when drawing is complete!

Leave a comment now, to win a $100 gift card to East Dane or one of two $50 gift cards to East Dane!

Remember, these gift cards are also valid at Shopbop, so if you’re a gal, you can still enter! :)

INFOGRAPHIC: The Best Bra For Your Breast Type

Her-Room-Best Bra-Infographic-JPEG-update

Boobs can be tricky, but HerRoom is taking the guesswork out of picking up the support for your two best gals.

Whether you’re “settled”, “uneven” or even “shallow” in those cups, this handy dandy boobie support infographic should shed some light on keeping those ta-tas as pert as possible.

Filles A Papa Gets Fappy

fap island fashion

In case you’re not up with the underbelly of internet humor, “fap” is a euphemism for masterbation.

Apparently brand Filles A Papa thought they were cool enough for a mapped tee and bathing suit with the term “FAP ISLAND” on block letters.  If you’re game for wearing some internet worthy irony, check out these pieces before they sell to other unsuspecting buyers.

Chloe Nørgaard Personifies Everything Wrong With Coachella

UGG Australia's Style Haven House Party Showcase Of Spring Summer 2014 Collection At The Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival 2014

There’s no PC way to say this - I fucking hate Coachella.

Coachella seems a pinnacle of distastefulness. This event has created an upper echelon of trend hopping douchebaggery, and I’ve often wondered how Coachella maintains its base tanned sheen of sunbathed public mockery.

It takes more than a Rainbow Brite Kodak Color Yawn inspired dye job, a pair of Uggs or gladiator sandals, ripped cut off bum revealing shorts and some Pop of the Moment to garner this level of contempt.

I don’t hate Chloe Nørgaard, but she is the ideal example of the daisy crown pseudo rave culture of which Coachella has provided a hotbed of growth.  While nothing is original, Coachella seems to be one of the most grotesque celebrations of same differentness that our selfie loving culture currently enjoys dry humping.

Everything is fair game – even Katy Perry has green hair, along with Kardashian kastoff Kylie Jenner.  At this rate, the amount of crop topped pastoral hipsters in California have reached red levels.

I take selfies. Hell, I even have pastel green hair. I still won’t be going to Coachella.

Hating Coachella isn’t about mocking crazily dressed folks, or the style of culture, often hipsterdom, that is typically prevalent in the audience.  Coachella has caught Burning Man-itis, wherein corporations are so obviously using you for corporate fodder and a millisecond of street style fame, that attendees seem to be willing to trade themselves for a social boost that wears off faster than the bump of Coke just huffed in a Porta Potty.

While the apparent hippest of America and beyond have congregated in the desert for a weekend of visual circle jerking in the sun, I’m officially heads down, waiting for it all to be over.