Chloe Nørgaard Personifies Everything Wrong With Coachella

UGG Australia's Style Haven House Party Showcase Of Spring Summer 2014 Collection At The Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival 2014

There’s no PC way to say this - I fucking hate Coachella.

Coachella seems a pinnacle of distastefulness. This event has created an upper echelon of trend hopping douchebaggery, and I’ve often wondered how Coachella maintains its base tanned sheen of sunbathed public mockery.

It takes more than a Rainbow Brite Kodak Color Yawn inspired dye job, a pair of Uggs or gladiator sandals, ripped cut off bum revealing shorts and some Pop of the Moment to garner this level of contempt.

I don’t hate Chloe Nørgaard, but she is the ideal example of the daisy crown pseudo rave culture of which Coachella has provided a hotbed of growth.  While nothing is original, Coachella seems to be one of the most grotesque celebrations of same differentness that our selfie loving culture currently enjoys dry humping.

Everything is fair game – even Katy Perry has green hair, along with Kardashian kastoff Kylie Jenner.  At this rate, the amount of crop topped pastoral hipsters in California have reached red levels.

I take selfies. Hell, I even have pastel green hair. I still won’t be going to Coachella.

Hating Coachella isn’t about mocking crazily dressed folks, or the style of culture, often hipsterdom, that is typically prevalent in the audience.  Coachella has caught Burning Man-itis, wherein corporations are so obviously using you for corporate fodder and a millisecond of street style fame, that attendees seem to be willing to trade themselves for a social boost that wears off faster than the bump of Coke just huffed in a Porta Potty.

While the apparent hippest of America and beyond have congregated in the desert for a weekend of visual circle jerking in the sun, I’m officially heads down, waiting for it all to be over.

WANT: The Emoji Poop #TheseAreTheShit Loafers

emoji poo loafers fashion blog

There comes a time when our online lives morph with our offline. Or something.  Emojis from your mobile have officially transcended IRL onto bags and loafers, my favourites being the poop pair, or as they’re known officially, #TheShit.

These Italian made stinkers run at $340 per pair, a pittance compared to their bag compared to their hashtagged bag companions, which are a rather remarkable $1,595 per piece.

Vancouver Legends EL KARTEL Have Moved To Chinatown

el kartel vancouver chinatownFollow demiCouture on Instagram

I was having a wander from my office with my Status Bureau cohorts to Spacelab, and happened to come across El Kartel in their new spot at 104 East Pender (that’s basically right beside Spacelab and close to Bestie, if you’re curious).

They have just finished stocking their new, immense stock floor with the El Kartel curated threads we all love, and it’s super crazy how much more awesome the Chinatown location looks, compared to the wee little spot they left on Granville.

El Kartel hasn’t yet had their grand opening party, but it going to be one for the books, as always.  I had a few moments to corner Pablo and MJ, and they said the newer, more spacious shop is going to be the location of parties and art shows, more reminiscent of the social calendar of their first Robson Street location.

Let the good Kartel times roll.

Vancouver’s Pyrrha Has Designed OFFICIAL Game of Thrones Jewelry Collection

pyrrha game of thrones official jewelry

Brace yourselves, Pyrrha is coming.

Vancouver’s Pyrrha has been licensed by HBO to create an official Game Of Thrones seal collection.

Each piece is handcrafted, and showcases the care and craftsmanship Pyrrha takes with every one of their items.  I’ve toured their East Vancouver workshop where all of Pyrrha’s pieces are crafted, and theirs is truly a labour of love.

It’s refreshing to see a truly unique artisanal craft for fans of the theme series; these are truly pieces that any person, regardless of their inclusion in the GoT fan base, can get excited about.

What house sigil will you be vying for?

New REBECCA MINKOFF Backpack Looks Suspiciously Like THE STOWE’S Design

the stowe denny backpack rebecca minkoff julian backpack

I’m not pointing fingers at anyone, but all I can tell is Rebecca Minkoff’s newly released Julian backpack.

The Stowe is an independent designer based out of Montreal, Quebec, and they’ve had this design available for about a year.  I actually own the Denny, and can attest to the construction, pebbled leather and hardware as top notch.  It’s definitely better quality than some Alexander Wang bags I’ve purchased in the past, some that have retailed at upwards of $900.

At the end of the day, no matter who came up with the design first, it all comes down to construction and material quality.  The Stowe creates their bags from high quality, thick, pebbled leather in Montreal, while Rebecca Minkoff’s designs are made in China, and fall apart after a month of wear, as my mom experienced with a RM satchel.

First Star Wars, Are High Fashion Memes Next?

dickbutt runway

If the fashion world continues to take style cues from the geekier humans of the globe, I’m wondering when we’ve going to have a Lagerfeld Grumpy Cat sweater, Princess Monster Truck skirt, or maybe a host of Dickbutt inspired tops and dresses.

After super high fashion houses Rodarte and Preen both took major design influence from Star Wars, nothing is outside the realm of possibility.